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…i got there first.

I got ripped off by Motorola – or maybe not, whatever – but I want some credit.  A couple of months ago I entered a limerick writing contest with the theme of Mac vs. PC.  It was for Maximum PC, I asked people to vote for mine so that I could win, almost none of my friends did, and I lost – narrowly.  Don’t feel guilty about not voting, I’m over it.  My entry went like this;

In the year nineteen-eighty and four
Ran a Mac ad with jaws on the floor
It referenced George Orwell
Breaking free from control. Tell;
Isn’t Steve just “The Man” all the more?

The advertisement I was talking about is a really famous Apple add that ran during the Super Bowl in 1984.  If you haven’t seen it check it out here.  My limerick’s point was that however Apple saw themselves back when this add came out, their current policies about how their devices can be used are kind of Orwellian.  Which brings me to Motorola, who stole my idea.  They are releasing an Android based tablet that is actually kind of exciting, and will hopefully be the best competition to date for the iPad.  But now they are releasing their own Super Bowl add that is going to compare Apple to “the Man”, just as Apple was relating IBM to “the Man” in their 1984 add.  Did they steal my idea?  I don’t know, but it is possible somebody read my poem and decided it was a good angle for an ad campaign.

Xoom Tablet Ad Teaser via Gizmodo

Maximum PC contest page – 10/29/10