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…i can prove it doesn’t ALWAYS rain.


Packed up the fam – and the cam – and headed out to Fort Casey yesterday.  Matthew had lots of fun exploring and the weather couldn’t have been better.

Fort Casey

…i’m mostly a scrooge.

lights of Xmas 10


Had a great time last night checking out some x-mas lights with the fam.  An old friend came along who had a daughter Matthew’s age.  Fun was had by all, pictures turned out good.

…i am an inexperienced hiker.

Lots of pictures, two bears, delicious MREs, and picturesque mountain trails.


There were two mistakes that my father and I made on our three day backpacking trip in the North Cascades.  The first happened before we even started – we didn’t really prepare physically.  I would say that we’re both in pretty good shape, but we never took the day hikes that we had planned to break in our boots and get ourselves warmed up.  As a true procrastinator I bought my boots a couple of days before we left and barely got to know them.


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