…i got a movie pitch.

Adventures_In_Babysitting and zombies

Since Hollywood seems to be obsessed with remaking marginal 80’s
movies why not one more?  How about; Adventures in Babysitting, and
Zombies!  I know the title is a little in-your-face, but hear me out.
What I’m picturing is a direct sequel to the Elizabeth Shoe film from
1987.  This time however Shoe isn’t the babysitter, she’s the mom.  We
jump forward as many years as have passed since the last movie and now
her kids are the ones being babysat – by one of the brats that was a
child in the original.

What would be really amazing, however would be fooling the audience.
What if it was simply called Adventures in Babysitting 2, and we don’t
tell anyone about the zombies – then bam – at the beginning of Act II:
zombie apocalypse!  The new babysitter has to figure out how to
survive, while taking care of the kids and avoiding zombification.
Shoe can team up with her ex husband and together they can fight their
way through the hordes to rescue their kids.

If you aren’t convinced yet, I have two more reasons why this is a
good idea.  First Elizabeth Shoe is still hot, and she can totally
pull off the bad ass chick role – check out Pirana 3D to see what I’m
talking about.  Secondly,there are the timely Thor references that are
actually going to make sense this time around.  There is a Thor movie
coming out this year and it will be perfect for one of her kids to
walk around in a Thor costume, and even bash in some zombie brains
with a hammer.


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