…i think google is the new john mccain.

A year ago Google was the ultimate maverick company. They were sticking it to Apple and Microsoft, by building hype for their forthcoming browser based Chrome OS – open source, cheaper, faster and more secure cloud based surfing. They were also messing up the wireless carriers on two fronts, with Google Voice and their Android OS. In true “let me show how this should work” fashion they released their own phone, with the “Google Experience”: the Nexus One. It came directly from Google and had no carrier affiliation. This was the phone that did not compromise its open source mobile OS with carrier specific apps. It was supposedly going to be available without a contract on any carrier you wanted. Their phone, the way it was meant to be.

Here we are a year later and Android phones are almost as popular as iPhone and BlackBerry, but you can no longer buy the Nexus One. Google releases great new features with every iteration of Android, but those updates don’t get pushed to end users until wireless carriers approve them. There are even some carriers that disable things like Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities in lieu of extended data plans. This seems like a compromise on Google’s part, allowing their product to be stripped down to the detriment of its users.

Worse yet, there is the recent joint proposal by, Google and Verizon, that takes the net neutrality movement backwards by insisting the we don’t need it at all in mobile spaces. WTFuck? Now that we use the internet more than ever on our mobile devices, we should give up the prioritization of our traffic to the wireless carriers? No way! You say that I am being given an internet connection on my phone and I want it, indiscriminately, not just the parts my contract holding wireless carrier wants to bill me for.

Net neutrality is a big deal – like the constitution of the internet, only we don’t have one yet except for this really shitty proposal by these two corporations. I used to be a huge Google fan boy, but I’m not sure how I feel about them now. I know they are a public corporation with a responsibility to make money, but for them to say that this new proposal is the best we can do for now is just really depressing. Like when this dude ran for president and changed everything he’d said so he could get the support of guys he didn’t really like.

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  1. Met on


  2. bob on

    I personally find it fascinating yet terribly overrated

  3. Sean on

    You are so Enlightening. I wish I was more like someone like you. Guarantee.

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