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…i’m a flip-flopper.


I know I just did 400 words on how Google might be turning evil, and colluding with the telecom companies, but now I’m excited about a new Google feature that makes me seem like I have amnesia. Since the introduction Google Voice, fans have been asking for some kind of desktop, Skype like calling features so that you could make calls without even a phone. Last week, via their official blog, they announced exactly that. Now users can make free domestic and really cheap international calls directly from Gmail, and you can even receive calls!

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…i think google is the new john mccain.

A year ago Google was the ultimate maverick company. They were sticking it to Apple and Microsoft, by building hype for their forthcoming browser based Chrome OS – open source, cheaper, faster and more secure cloud based surfing. They were also messing up the wireless carriers on two fronts, with Google Voice and their Android OS. In true “let me show how this should work” fashion they released their own phone, with the “Google Experience”: the Nexus One. It came directly from Google and had no carrier affiliation. This was the phone that did not compromise its open source mobile OS with carrier specific apps. It was supposedly going to be available without a contract on any carrier you wanted. Their phone, the way it was meant to be. Continue reading

…i am an inexperienced hiker.

Lots of pictures, two bears, delicious MREs, and picturesque mountain trails.


There were two mistakes that my father and I made on our three day backpacking trip in the North Cascades.  The first happened before we even started – we didn’t really prepare physically.  I would say that we’re both in pretty good shape, but we never took the day hikes that we had planned to break in our boots and get ourselves warmed up.  As a true procrastinator I bought my boots a couple of days before we left and barely got to know them.


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