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…my son is a filmmaker.

Here is a little video that Matthew didn’t know he was directing. He gets ahold of our little flip camera from time to time and the stuff he records is pretty interesting. His style can only be described as experimental. He likes to take short little clips, and he gets so excited to see them that you can hear him mashing the buttons on the back of the camera to stop and watch them. I don’t remember what it was like being 4 years old, but maybe this will give us some insight.


… i manage cables

Every time I see one of those executive charging stations I think about how useful, and unnecessary they are. Creating an attractive place to charge your gear, or hiding it away isn’t very hard; it just takes a little effort. For all of $4, or the cost of a cheap power strip, I was able to turn the top drawer of my night stand into a hub for the stuff I charge daily. Continue reading