…my cat is a supervillian.

This cat already has a killer origin story like something out of a comic book. We brought him home with a handwritten letter from a prison inmate. Apparently he had been used as part of a program where prisoners and orphan kittens are   brought together in an attempt to socialize them. His letter stated that our new friend’s name was ‘Tat’ and that he liked to play with toy mice. Several days later we discovered the inspiration for his nickname – a prison tattoo on his stomach of a “Z” or an “N”, depending on how you looked at it.

In an attempt to stifle his criminal tendencies – and better integrate him into our family – we renamed him Mitch, after the late great comedian. Although he does seem to fit this designation much better, it later became apparent that his propensity for crime was predetermined. When he started to go outside on his own, my wife would leave a back window open for him to go in and out. Mitch immediately began bringing things home, stuffed animals and assorted cat toys. This went on for a couple of weeks and we never did discover the source of his loot. Not long after our pet fish died under mysterious circumstances.

The most dramatic, and recent, event in Mitch’s story came a couple of weeks ago. I got home early to find
him bleeding in the parking lot in front of our condo. His lower jaw was covered in blood and one of his eyes looked like it was gone. He was in shock, but I could tell that he was probably going to live so I drove
him to the hospital. He stayed there for a couple of days before getting surgery to wire his one remaining canine tooth to a pin that they inserted through his upper lip. He had fractured his pallet and was in
danger of losing his left eye.

Close to three weeks later and he is well on his way to recovery.  His eye is lame but it looks like he is going to keep it. The way he looks at us now I imagine him inventing some kind of master plan. We haven’t let him outside yet, but what if we do? Is he going to go on a crime spree and knock over a couple of pet stores? Maybe he’ll seek vengeance from the driver who hit him… the guy probably lives nearby. I just hope he doesn’t misplace his anger – he better remember who saved him..

More Photos of Mitch


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